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Training Bergen County At Home or At Our Gym. Private and Group Sessions Available.

Do you have one of these issues?

*Trouble losing weight

*High blood pressure

*High triglycerides  

*High cholesterol 

*Type ll  diabetes

*Low thyroid output

*High levels of inflammation

*Any chronic disease (Parkinson, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

 If you have any of these chronic issues and are ready to improve your health, I have a specially designed personal training program that will improve all of these conditions and get you back to the best health possible.

Gary Schulman is a personal fitness coach who works with clients across Bergen County, NJ. He specializes in helping clients lose weight and improve chronic disease related issues do to poor lifestyle choices and lack of stress management. Gary will help you become fit and healthy with his unique specially designed personal training programs that incorporate nutritional advice as well as stress reduction and  workouts that are challenging progressive and fun!  This program is available for 1-on-1, semi-private and as a boot camp session in Oradell, NJ or at your home.

 Gary is committed to helping his clients improve chronic disease and achieve their personal fitness and life goals. Contact Gary today for a FREE Fitness Evaluation , Body fat Analysis and workout.

*Individual results may vary.

Client Testimonials

  • Christie Demarest Testimonial

    *Individual results may vary.

    After experiencing the end of a relationship and turning to comfort food, I knew it was time to take control and seek a personal trainer to help me get back on track. I had always been an “exercise person”, and was committed to be at the gym six days a week. However, due to my adjustment to single status, I found myself struggling to get to the gym even one or two days a week. Nine months later, the damage was done, so to speak. I REALLY needed to find my body again, and to feel empowered.

    I found Gary on-line after two glasses of Cabernet (it was the Fourth of July, just so you know!), and before I knew it, I had my first personal training session scheduled for two days later. I had always wanted to try exercising with a trainer, and now there was no stopping me……The jeans just did NOT fit.

    All it took was one session with Gary and I was hooked. Gary made exercising fun and was so supportive. We started out at a slow pace. I should point out here that in spite of all the time I had put in at the gym previously, both in classes and also while getting my aerobic workout, I was never able to lift any significant amount of weight, nor was I able to do even a modified pushup….SO….

    Let’s jump to six months later…………..and i will tell you I am still hooked. My clothes fit again (and are even a little bit loose!), I have regained my self-esteem, and I am stronger than I ever thought I could be. I can lift (is it 18 lbs. now, Gary?) a fair amount of weight while standing from a seated position, and guess what?!…I am doing pushups…yes!

    I would also like to point out that during this period of training I finally had an older hip injury diagnosed as a labral tear with bone impingement. My orthopedist recommended surgery. But in my sessions with Gary, we worked to strengthen the muscles surrounding the injury, rather than my having to experience an eight week plus recovery period. I no longer need any anti-inflammatory medication, nor do I experience the pain of that injury to any great degree. Gary’s knowledge of sports injuries is another valuable piece of the personal training experience with him. So see?….try it! Personal training with Gary is the best.

    Thanks, Gary for sticking with me and believing in me and what I can achieve!

    *Individual results may vary.

    Christie D.
  • Tom Purwin Testimonial

    *Individual results may vary.

    “Five months ago I was an overweight, out-of-shape, 60 year old man recovering from a shoulder injury in a motorcycle accident. I couldn’t even do 1 pushup due to my injury. After working with Gary I am now watching my dietary intake, gradually reducing weight the safe way, and I just passed the 1st level FitRanx Test, a nationally recognized Fitness Ranking System. Gary continues to teach me techniques that ensure results with no injury using a variety of motivational exercises including pushups, Kettle Bells, and Ropes. I expect to reach my goal weight and stay healthy and fit through proper diet and effective fitness techniques thanks to Gary.”

    *Individual results may vary.

    Tom P.
  • Jeff Testimonial Photo

    *Individual results may vary.

    Jeff was in complete denial at about 320 pounds. Turned down for term life insurance and informed by doctors of high blood pressure and type II diabetes, Jeff was not able to shake his demons and was frustrated with his 20 pound see-saw weight gains/losses after his efforts on the treadmill.

    Today Jeff is about 225 pounds and 18% body fat, down from 320 pounds and over 30% body fat with no signs of diabetes or high blood pressure and a resting heart rate below 50 bpm and a cholesterol level in the 125 area!

    *Individual results may vary.

  • Melanie Testimonial Photo

    *Individual results may vary.

    I have been training with Gary both privately and in a group class for many years. Finally all his teachings clicked. I am currently very close to my goal weight and feel better than I have in years. Although I had been training hard and diligently my eating habits had not changed. Gary stuck with me and his devotion never wavered. Gary is many things as a trainer but most of all his care and concern come through in every session. He is truly a well-rounded teacher and has always been available to help in any way that is needed. His vast knowledge of nutrition as well as physical training spell tremendous success. Most importantly Gary has taught me to persevere. Even through some aches and pains he has taught me how to work through without injury. I look forward to reaching my goal weight soon and to share this success with my trainer.

    *Individual results may vary.

  • Laurie Veneziale Testimonial

    *Individual results may vary.

    I have been training with Gary for the past 6 months. His workouts include an ever-changing combination of cardio and weights, designed to tone & strengthen muscles at the same time as losing fat, all while keeping the workouts from getting boring. He is also great at motivating his clients to eat correctly and continue to work out, so they can attain their goals. So far, I have lost 25 pounds and dropped 3 sizes. In addition, my health profile dramatically improved. I had been on blood pressure & cholesterol medicine for about 7 years, and now have discontinued both. My blood pressure is currently 110/70, with an average resting heart rate of only 47 bpm. Gary has the knowledge and motivation to get you to your goals!

    *Individual results may vary.

    Laurie V.
  • Deborah Testimonial

    *Individual results may vary.

    I am a great procrastinator when it comes to physical fitness. When I was 55 my cardiologist reported that I had high cholesterol. I said, “I’ll start a physical fitness routine.” I didn’t. When I turned 56 my cardiologist reported even higher cholesterol, put me on statins and told me to start a physical fitness routine. I went on statins and figured I didn’t have to exercise, since the statins would lower my cholesterol. I turned 57. My cardiologist reported my cholesterol levels were within normal limits, so I discontinued the statins against doctor’s advice. At 58, my cardiologist reported high cholesterol levels again and I should go back on statins. I refused to go back on statins, but I could no longer delay starting a physical fitness routine if I wanted to avoid/prevent heart disease.

    I needed help. I needed someone who would consistently work with my deficits for physical improvement, and not allow me to procrastinate. I called Gary.

    Gary consistently came to my home two to three times per week. When we started, I couldn’t walk a hundred feet, nor could I lift weights without feeling very fatigued. We started with a routine that was respectful of where I was physically, yet had built in progress steps. Consistent physical exercise that increased my stamina and had cholesterol-lowering benefits. That was what I needed.

    Fast forward to age 59. After 13 months and regular workouts with Gary, but without the use of statins, both my cardiologist and my endocrinologist are pleased with my results. I have greater stamina and strength, my cholesterol is within normal limits and I am 13 pounds lighter. Now to mention that my clothes look better and I feel great.

    *Individual results may vary.

    Deborah K.
  • "Supermom" Client Testimonial

    *Individual results may vary.

    “6AM – are you crazy?” There was always an excuse before – work, kids, the house … I have never consistently exercised before working out with Gary Schulman over the past 6 months. His 6am boot camp has kick-started my life in more ways than what the scale reads. Laughing with new friends at his boot camp sessions has now become part of my life and not just a whim or a quick-fix for a lifetime of letharthy. I am down 20 pounds, 2 sizes and have left the plus sizes in the dust forever! He is always entertaining and changes our workout every time to ensure we are never bored or sore in the same places! My favorite is when we hit the bags in the back room – it releases tons of frustration and leaves us feeling strong and powerful. Thanks Gary for helping me start to really feel and look like SUPERMOM!

    *Individual results may vary.


  • *Individual results may vary.

    *Individual results may vary.

  • *Individual results may vary.

    Gary and I started working together at the end of January 2011 as part of the New Year’s SMART goals I set for myself. Gary comes to my house twice a week for 30 minutes. In less than two months, I’ve lost 24 pounds through working with Gary, changing how I eat and some form of movement on the days that I don’t see him whether it is walking for 30 minutes or going through one of Gary’s routines. It is amazing how much better I feel. I have much more energy and clarity of mind. My attitude has completely shifted from “I don’t feel like exercising” to “I can do that”. The truth is that I didn’t like to exercise, but Gary has changed that. His workouts are fun. He changes them up every week, so I am not bored. The workouts are tailored just to me and my shoulder issue. As a Life Coach, I understand the importance of engaging someone to help you reach your goals. Gary is my Fitness Coach. In a nut shell, I wouldn’t have reached these goals without Gary, his winning personality and full spectrum of fitness expertise.

    *Individual results may vary.

  • *Individual results may vary.

    Better late than never….EmojiEmoji

    So I’ve been working out with Gary again for about 7 weeks and I’ve never felt better.  I’m back to doing a real push-up again and I
    feel as strong as I did a decade ago!  He constantly changes up the workouts and always keeps me on my toes.  What I love most is that he wants
    you to succeed, no matter what.  He will help in any way he can – including nutrition tips, at home exercises, etc. He watches every move making
    sure you are doing the exercise properly so you don’t get hurt.

    I can’t say enough about his workouts. They are truly amazing!!
    If you want results – join his class!

    Joanne RIggitano

    *Individual results may vary.


    1. *Individual results may vary.

    2. How did you feel before you started training with Gary?

    I retired on April first, 2014 at the age of 71.  I started training with Gary on December 4th of the same year. Between April and December that year, I reached my lifetime goal weight with Weight Watchers, which was one of my retirement goals, as well.  I was very proud of this accomplishment and when I would brag and ask my family or friends what they thought, they would say something like, “Wow, you look really skinny.” Or “Yea, you look like you have lost a lot of weight.”

    The comment I wanted was, “Yea, you look really good.” Needless to say, I was disappointed.

    Looking at myself, I realized that I looked like a scrawny old guy. And along with scrawny, I had back pains, knee pain, slumped posture (45 years in the computer business,) low energy, wrinkles and white hair.

    1. What do you think about Gary’s training?

    Gary is an excellent trainer, both in a class and in personal sessions.  He brings years of experience and knowledge to the art of making one look and feel better. In my case, he challenges me to do my best with each exercise and each stretch. Gary always provides the correct amounts of a variety of activities for endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. He always, always tells me to be aware of my body’s abilities and limitations.

    I work out three times a week under supervision (either in a class or a personal session).  I usually do two additional sessions that are all cardio, on an elliptical machine. Whenever I work-out, I hear Gary’s mantra playing in my head, “Be aware of your body, and if it hurts – stop and do something different.”

    I always leave Gary’s sessions feeling better than when I came.


    1. How long have you been training with Gary and how do you feel now?

    Well, after 14 months, I feel better that I have in years.  I have more energy, less pain and less stiffness than when I started training. My pulse rate at rest is around 55 bpm. I am still at my Weight Watcher’s Lifetime weight. My current goals involve improving my posture, its better every week.

    I may not do what I could do at 45, or even 55. I still have age related aches and pains (remember I am 71.) But now I am able to confront my age limitations with confidence and knowledge.  Unfortunately, I still have some wrinkles and white hair, I will have to go somewhere else to try and fix those.

    The nice thing is that every so often, I hear, “Hay, Sharkey you are looking really good.”

    i lost 80 ounds and improved all my health profiles

    *Individual results may vary.

    71 year old James Sharkey
  • I have been working with Gary for 6 weeks. He has taught me so much about eating healthy and exercising. I never feel like I am on a diet or that I am depriving myself. I always felt bloated and uncomfortable but since working with Gary I no longer feel that way and I have lost 15 pounds. I have more energy and am able to walk around with less pain and I didn’t have to go to a gym and work out with people 30 yrs younger than me. Gary makes sure I work at my own pace and always is encouraging me. I am so happy I found Gary he truly cares about his clients.


    Donna Scheuerem
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